Before Bi Couples Start Dating With Third Partner

threesome dating

Bisexual couples often want to have a third partner to enjoy threesome dating. It can be a male or female, according to the personal choices of a couple. However, this third person should be careful before starting a bi couple dating, as it is better to be sure about both partners before entering into a relationship with them.

Speak to both partners – The third partner should be well acquainted with both partners when a couple approaches him/her through a bisexual dating site, like He/she should understand the interest level of both partners and their sexual desires, which may vary from person to person. Though emotional attachment is not desired in such kind of relationship, three of them need to understand each other’s mentality and requirements. No partner of a bi couple should accept a third partner only because his/her partner has chosen that person for a threesome.

Set rules of threesome – Every person has his/her comfort zone regarding the sexual activities, which should not be violated by other two partners during a threesome act. These definite rules should be prior informed to the third partner, as he/she is unknown to the habits of the couple or their preferences. A healthy discussion about these rules will prevent their dating session from being marred due to any partner getting offended. Once any limitation is set by bi couples, it should be maintained by their chosen third partners.

Free communication invited – All three partners should be free enough to inform of any discomfort during the sexual acts so that they can stop doing that activity. No one should think of experimenting anything on the other ones, as they are bound to have their individual choices regarding a threesome. Hence, each partner should listen what the other ones are saying and give respect to their opinions or feelings during their threesome dating.

Limit drinks before threesome – It is better not to have too much alcoholic drinks or hard drugs that can cause psychological disorder for the time being. The alcohol can have adverse effects on the body as well, which can hamper sexual activities of the drinker. Thus, bi couples and their third partners should not head directly for a threesome night immediately from a bar, if any of the partners has taken too much of hard drinks.

Pay attention to everyone’s pleasure – Every partner should take care that all three of them are enjoying a lot during their threesome dating. When everyone will make sure that the other two are having enough physical and mental satisfaction, all of them can enjoy their time together, without hurting anyone of them. Later, all three of them can go out to any coffee shop or shopping mall or movie theatre together so that they can spend more quality time.

However, it is essential that no partner feels jealous while seeing the other two very close to each other. Each of them should be open-minded about this threesome relationship and there should be no feeling of insecurity in any of them, mainly among the couples. In this way, bi couple dating can be highly enjoyable for all three partners.